Solution Background

Since hotel is one of the industries which highly use of security system, hotel operators pay close attention to the development and applications of security technology. However, to apply video surveillance system in hotel is challenging because there is a huge number of guests, entrances and exits, lounges, corridors, check-in counters and complex scenarios.

BTEC has been dedicating to the surveillance industry for years, accumulated rich experience and knowledge in a lot of big airports. Now, BTEC delivers a new hitel surveillance solution which is highly efficient, highly reliable and highly expandable. It provides hotel operators with basic database for further applications, such as situation perception, service optimization and intelligent analysis, realizes a better hotel operation.


> Perimeter invasion, theft, sabotage

> Need to quickly locate & inspect emergency

> High cost of data center and network

> Poor system expansion capacity

> Require user rights assignment in different departments


> 7*24 no-blind HD video surveillance

> Integrate with third party security system

> Unique system network, reliable and efficient solution

> Advanced NGN architecture, easy to expand

> Unified management platform with abundant standard interface

> Reliable and cost-effective design for IP storage device

Hotel Park Layout

Solution Topology